8th grade film+stills

Working with 8th graders is so much fun!  These kids are just really cool.  They are at the age in which they are still youngsters (at least to us parents!), yet they are growing at a rate faster than we can keep up with.  Social media, gangly arms and legs, braces and retainers, sweet and awkward...  We want to hold them tight and keep them little forever, but the reality is that we have to give them room grow, discover, and find their place in this beautiful world.  Like their toddler years when they padded around the house with uneasy steps, these kids are ready to take big, confident leaps as they enter high school next year.  What an exciting time!

Thank you for such a fun day, you guys (Lauren, Mallie, Ryan, and Theo)!  You make me smile--ok, and a little teary--whenever I watch this.  You're amazing!

I am currently booking 8th grade film+still sessions before the school year gets out.  Or if you have another special milestone coming up,  please feel free to drop me a note from my Contact Me page any time, thanks!